Region 1 Basketball

Region 1 Basketball

2018 T.A.A.F. Region 1 Basketball Tournament
March 2-4, 2018
League City, TX

T.A.A.F. Basketball Rules - please consult your local league or tournament packet for specific league rules.

Official Team Roster Form

Division III Teams

pre-qualification form is required by the state commissioners for ALL teams that wish to participate in Div III winter youth basketball. The state office has been instructed to not accept any Div III registrations from any member or affiliate until they have been notified by the state commissioner that the program has been pre-qualified to participate in Div III.

Division II Teams

 Division I Teams

TAAF State Basketball Tournament

T.A.A.F. State Basketball Tournament

2018 T.A.A.F. State Boys Basketball Tournament

2018 T.A.A.F. State Girls Basketball Tournament